About us

Founded in 2009, ACE Logística Internacional caters companies in various sectors, contributing to the creation of more efficient logistics processes through a personalized service combined with competitive prices.

ACE Logística Internacional is a company focused on results. Seeks to offer, beyond the sea, air and road transport services, fast and efficient solutions to the day to day foreign trade. It is aimed, as a differential factor, to facilitate operations, establishing entrepreneurial, flexible and agile strategies, while maintaining efficiency and seamless integration with customers and suppliers.

With a team specialized in providing solutions, ACE Logística Internacional operates in international logistics, offering strategic solutions customized to meet the needs of customers throughout the supply chain. With representatives on all five continents, serves companies around the world, providing agility, speed and flexibility. Attends within a process of integrated logistics and instant communication, identifying and creating efficiencies for short term results and building high competitiveness.

Its portfolio is quite comprehensive and provides meeting the diverse needs of customers in all phases of the logistic process.